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Innovation Management


Our tools, guides, and videos have helped thousands of organizations innovate better.

Discover the Innovation Management Fundamentals Course!

Managing innovation is never easy, yet it's critical in securing the long-term success of organizations. To help you achieve your goals and address the challenges of making innovation happen, we've distilled the complex topic of innovation management into an eight-module free course, that we deliver straight to your inbox every week. 

Guides and Toolkits

Managing ideas can be difficult if you don't know where to begin. With the help of our selection of extensive guides and toolkits, you'll succeed in managing your ideation activities and processes.

idea management processes

eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Idea Management Processes

This 33-page ebook introduces the most common idea management processes and discusses their suitability for different kinds of companies.

ideation software pilot

eBook: Guide to a Successful Ideation Software Pilot

A 5-page ebook helps you form your ideation process and pinpoint areas to improve upon based on the pilot. Use a simple checklist and Viima Board Canvas for setting your goals.

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LP Idea challenge toolkit

The Complete Toolkit to Idea Challenges

Want to get the most out of your idea challenge but don't know where to start? Our editable PowerPoint-toolkit helps you to organize a successful idea challenge. 

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IM toolkit cover tall

The Ultimate Toolkit to Innovation Management

This toolkit contains over 15 of our favorite tools, templates and guides for managing innovation. You can use this toolkit for planning your strategy and building an innovation process, for example.

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Types of Innovation Cover Tall

Types of Innovation - The Ultimate Guide

This guide introduces different types of innovations with real-life examples and helps you categorize innovation. It can be used to take a more holistic approach to innovation and it allows you to map your innovation efforts.

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Viima Innovation Culture Toolkit

This 22 slide toolkit provides you with a simple framework that helps you transform your culture to be more innovative, step-by-step, and includes a number of practical templates that you can use in your own work.

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The Flywheel of
Growth Workbook

We've researched the strategies of top innovators and combined the learnings to this workbook that helps you create a framework and innovation strategy that provides you with an unstoppable engine of growth.

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Continuous Improvement Toolkit

Continuous Improvement is incredibly important for every innovator, yet often underrated. This toolkit has actionable tips, tools, templates & examples that help you get started and drive more value with CI.

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Viima Communication-toolkit-cover-tall

Communication Toolkit for Innovation Programs

Communications play a huge role in the failure or success of an innovation program. This toolkit provides you with actionable tools, templates & best practices for succeeding at these efforts with ease.

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Inovation methods resources

The Innovation Methods Canvas

When it comes to innovation, there is no one size fits all but if you put the pieces together, you'll see there's a mix of methods that can serve you better than others. We've put together a simple canvas to help you decide on the right methods for your organization.

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JTBD toolkit resources

The Complete Toolkit to Jobs To Be Done

Focusing on customer needs plays an important role in driving more innovation, but it's not always easy to uncover these needs. This toolkit provides you with the resources, practical tools and templates that will help you go from theory to practice.

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Complete Toolkit Intrapreneurship

The Complete Toolkit to Intrapreneurship

How to support intrapreneurs in your organizations and drive more innovation? We created this guide with practical tools and methods to help leaders and entrepreneurial-minded employees succeed with intrapreneurship.

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The Essential Toolkit for Scaling Innovation

Scaling innovation is where the majority of value creation happens, but it's also the most challenging part. This Toolkit helps you create a structured approach to it, and provides you with actionable frameworks and examples to help you succeed at it.

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HMW technique - resources cover

A Guide to How Might We Technique

Without a well-structured and defined problem, it is nearly impossible to move forward in the innovation process. To help you get the most out of it, we've put together this guide that will help you go from an issue to a solution in no time.

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LSS Cover- Portrait

Complete Toolkit to Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma plays a pivotal role in continuous improvement. We created this comprehensive toolkit that provides you the tools, methods and templates you can use in a Lean Six Sigma project, following the DMAIC framework.

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Infographics & Other Downloadables

Because innovation is quite an extensive and complex topic itself, we believe in the power of illustrations. Our simple, yet informational downloadables are just a click away. 

Vendor checklist cover

Innovation Management Software Vendor - Checklist

What to take into consideration when selecting an innovation management software vendor? This checklist helps you make the right choice.

Innovation stats cover

Innovation Statistics Infographic

This infographic contains the most interesting findings from over 20 qualitative studies of innovation.

How to measure innovation cover

Infographic - How to Measure Innovation?

What metrics to consider when measuring innovation? This infograph summarizes best practices in a handy cheatsheet.

How to make change happen cover

Infographic - How to Make Change Happen 

Get inspired by this simple infographic, and learn what it takes to make an ever-lasting change.

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The Adkar framework cover

Infographic - The Adkar Framework

ADKAR is a change management framework that focuses on how change happens on the individual level.

Motivation hygiene theory cover

Infographic - Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory

What motivates a person is not the same as what leads to dissatisfaction. Learn how to use this to better engage employees in innovation.


Tools, Templates & Processes

Are you ready to foster an innovative culture in your organization? 
Do it with the help of our tools and printable templates.

Idea Generation Toolkit Cover

Idea Generation Toolkit

This idea generation toolkit consists of our favorite tools for generating new, unconventional ideas. Use these tools to boost your creativity!

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Vendor scorecard cover

 Innovation Management Software Vendor Scorecard

Create your own request for proposal, send it to different vendors and compare them with the Vendor Scorecard-Excel sheet.

Viima Board Canvas

Viima Board Canvas 

Viima Board Canvas is handy tool for planning your processes around a Viima board, or for innovation and idea management processes in general.

Process for employee engagement cover

Employee Engagement Process Template

What is an employee engagement process and how do you actually build one? This template breaks the process down and helps you build one for yourself.


The Collaboration Matrix Canvas

The collaboration matrix is a printable A3-sized poster for mapping your current collaboration methods and systematically identifying hidden opportunities for improvement.

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Innovation Maturity Test – Online Edition

To get better at something, it helps to know where you currently are, and that's exactly what our innovation maturity test will help you do, along with actionable tips for getting better.


All of Viima's webinar content, in one place.

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Innovation Masterclass: Transforming Your Culture with Innovation Practices

This webinar introduces how you can start driving more innovation in your organization and transforming your culture at the same time.

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Innovation Masterclass: Building a Successful Innovation Program

This Innovation Master Class webinar helps create a scalable machine for driving your innovation performance, no matter your current level.



Innovation Cafe: Why Innovation Should Be Decentralized

Viima co-founder Jesse held a webinar for the Innovation Cafe community on why all top innovators have a decentralized approach to innovation.

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The Automation Advantage

Tuesday, October 31st at 10 AM (ET).
During this webinar, together with Jesse Nieminen, Viima Co-Founder and VP of Product at HYPE Innovation, we'll explore the vital role of automation in innovation.

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