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Collaborative Strategy Process

Involve employees in formulating or implementing your strategy

Collaboration leads to better decisions and more buy-in

Your employees possess a wealth of valuable insights that can help you fine-tune your strategy. By involving them in the process, you can create a more engaged and informed staff, better equipped to drive the execution phase - which is often the most challenging part of the strategy process.

Kick off the process by asking for feedback on your new strategy, or for ideas on how to best implement it.
Engage employees to share their thoughts on the new strategy and to use their insights to find ways to best implement it.
Use the collected ideas and insights to refine your strategy and help plan the implementation.
Analyze and Prioritize
Analyse the ideas and pieces of feedback you've gathered and prioritize them to form a cohesive plan for executing the strategy.
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Viima makes it easy to run a collaborative strategy process.

To effectively collaborate on strategy, you need a tool that can streamline discussions and keep everyone focused on the deliverables. The tool should be user-friendly and versatile enough to adapt to various processes. Viima is the perfect solution, providing a balance between ease-of-use and affordability, while also delivering the flexibility and reliability expected from an enterprise-grade tool.

collaborative strategy
Viima's flexible system can easily adapt to your needs, whether you want to ask your R&D team about industry trends or get feedback from your leadership team on the new strategy.
Use the boards to easily run multiple campaigns for different audiences simultaneously by selecting the question and choosing the participants for collaboration.
Viima simplifies the strategy process by categorizing ideas and insights, linking related ones, and providing tools like automated notifications and duplicate prevention to make management easier.
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Optimal collaboration
Viima simplifies the complex strategy process by enabling you to ask questions from different audiences during various stages of the process, ensuring optimal collaboration.
Streamlined collaboration
Viima is the ideal tool for successful collaboration, designed to make ideation and collaboration easy and enjoyable, which make it the highest rated tool in the industry.
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Engage the right people
You often need to dig deeper a bit deeper to turn insights and rough ideas into solid concepts. Viima helps you do that with powerful discussion features such as mentioning specific people and adding attachments.
Progress ideas
Shared responsibility often means no responsibility. When the time comes to get things done, Viima helps you make sure that it's always someone's job to progress every idea.
Evaluate ideas
Once you're done collecting feedback and insights, you'll end up with plenty of ideas to consider and choose from. Viima provides a flexible engine for evaluating ideas: choose your own metrics and pick the right people to rate the ideas on them.

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How others do it

Helen, one of Finland's leading energy distributors and producers is using Viima to create a more agile organization and ideate with their employees.

Helen is successfully engaging their workforce in addressing strategic issues and other areas of development, such as sustainability.

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Sari Kemppainen B&W

Together with our new ways of working, Viima has made it easier for us to make smart decisions and implement ideas faster.

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