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Continuous Improvement

Excellence is achieved by systematically taking steps in the right direction, day after day.

Continuous improvement is a collaborative effort

The best companies take a systematic and collaborative approach to continuous improvement. By harnessing the collective power of all your employees, you'll find countless opportunities for improvement and can more effectively manage the process through to actual results.

Collect ideas from your employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. With Viima, it's all a breeze.
Prioritize & Develop
Ideas are just the beginning. Viima helps you build a systematic process for picking the rights ones to focus and turn into ideas.
The best innovators are constantly looking to get better. Viima helps you fix bottlenecks, speed up decision-making, and make more innovation happen.
Managing ideas, building a community, and enforcing processes can be a lot of work. Viima helps you automate routine tasks so that you can focus on innovation.
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Compounding improvements lead to exponential results.

When you're systematically looking for ways to do things better, you'll end up working smarter and focusing on the right things. These results compound over time, leading to operational excellence that helps you build competitive advantage.

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A Continuous Improvement Culture
Continuous improvement is a systematic process of gradually getting better. To succeed, you need to build a culture where everyone contributes. With Viima continuous improvement can become everyone's daily job.
A Continuous Improvement Process
Continuous improvement is all about systematically getting better and this applies to the processes that enable that. Viima's analytics help you fix bottlenecks, track progress and spot trends in your data.

Continuously Improve with Viima

The more ideas you collect from different groups of people, the better prepared you are to progress the right ones. We've made it super easy for you to collect ideas so that you never have to miss one again.

We know that ideas are just the beginning. Viima supports you throughout your journey to turn those ideas into a steady stream of improvements all over the organization.

Idea selection is considered the single most important phase in the continuous improvement process. You don't want to waste your time and resources on implementing insignificant ideas. To succeed, you need a solid process and the right tools.

Continuous improvement is all about systematically getting better and your process for doing that shouldn't be the exception. We provide you with tools that help you analyze and improve on it.

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Ready to unleash your innovation potential?

Want to see how Viima can help you continuously improve on your processes, products, customer experience, employee engagement and more? 
Start your continuous improvement journey with our dedicated board template.

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How others do it

Viima is used by If, a P&C insurer, to improve customer experience and embody a new innovation culture

The systematic and structured management of ideas at If lead to improved customer experience. Viima lowered the threshold of participation and enabled over 7000 employees to suggest ideas for improvement.

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Hanna Honkonen B&W

Continuous improvement requires the whole company from all levels to contribute with ideas for improvement and Viima is a great tool for that.

Curious To Learn More About Innovation?

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