Why MS will never be treated


Want a proof?


1. Look what is explaining us MS treatment related report "Commercial Insight: Multiple Sclerosis Continued growth makes the MS market a highly attractive investment":

- The dynamic MS market continues to grow unabated; seven major market revenues increased 14.7% from 2005 to $4.6 billion in 2006. Growth is driven by the highly successful beta-interferon brands, Teva's Copaxone (glatiramer acetate), and the recent relaunch of Tysabri; the first launch of a new MS treatment for six years.

- There remains a large opportunity for current and future players to cement and develop their positions in the MS market. To ensure continued revenue and to minimize franchise risk companies can follow Biogen Idec's strategy to market two or more products and show commitment to the MS community through long-term franchise investment.

- In order to successfully position a new drug class in the market, future market players must have a clear and focused marketing strategy. With Copaxone launched in 1997 Teva has set the benchmark, and by utilizing similar tactics, future MS players can successfully position novel therapies in the market.


Isn't it a mystery for layman? [I tried to translate some used terms]

2.Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada explains in article Easier access to multiple sclerosis treatments will reduce overall healthcare costs:

3. News from MS market '07

4. MS Treatment Market will Reach $11.9 Billion by 2011

* * *

So what really happens?


Always remember that the drug companies are trying to sell you something. They're not really concerned whether you're sick, well, get healthy, or stay ill; they just want to get you to buy their products. And they will do whatever it takes to do that, including selling you cures for diseases that don't even exist

- explains worldwide known natural health doctor Joseph Mercola

* * *

Nothing on Earth happens without a reason

* * *

Is allopathic medicine the best?

The Allopathic medicine and its crusade against disease always needed the enemy (germ). The magic bullet ideology in this approach was sanctioned when antibiotics were discovered to be effective against these invaders. From this point next was the quest for a pill for every ill and the aspiration to eradicate all other diseases the same way.

Main differences between Allopathic and Holistic medicine approaches are shortly described in a separate article Allopathic vs. Holistic Medicine

As allopathic medicine and drug makers seems to have no idea what their drugs should treat (or kill), all their produced drugs, apart of having serious side effects, are strictly experimental - read article Orthodox MS symptoms treatment

* * *

There are some objective (system-independent) as well as subjective (system-dependent) reasons making Multiple Sclerosis impossible to treat.

Objective reasons

Obviously, the main attribute of allopathic (orthodox) medicine is seeking for the only specific disease cause (germ) and therefore - for the only specific drug (silver bullet).

However, no degenerative disease has a specific cause, and therefore - there is no specific treatment. More details (philosophic, if you like), can be found in an article My Health Manifesto.

All so-called Multiple Sclerosis drugs are experimental - Allopathic medicine officially does not know the MS reason! More details - in an article Orthodox MS symptoms treatment.

Sad to say, but all so called MS drugs are oriented towards the Immune System suppression. It is quite easy to imagine, how dangerous living in such a case can be - anything from flu to cancer can easily visit a person with a suppressed (weak, sluggish) immune system.

Subjective reasons

Present pharmaceutical business is the most profitable. To stay in such a profitable position, this multi-billion business must constantly search for new ways to expand the market.

As it happens, there exist possibilities (ways) to purchase favourable results for any pharmaceutical. These ways are thoroughly described in an article Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies.

Richard Smith, former editor for the British Medical Journal for 25 years, describes dirty ways pharmaceutical companies are engaging to publish results they want.

By the way, MS Societies and Universities have been involved too

Advantages of MS ?

Yes, you read correctly. There many advantages in Multiple Sclerosis.

I shortly described them in article Advantages of MS ! ? !

As one can see, MS has many positive aspects, although there is a certain amount of discomfort for those directly concerned.

* * *

Who wonders why, in a situation such as this, that no solutions have been found to cure this illness. Research seems to be done mainly on a microbiological level concerning the primary inflammation. Perhaps, on this level, there is the possibility of finding something similarly lucrative to the interferons that are momentarily in use. This seems to be a rather complicated way of trying to find the cause of MS. The rather meager results that have been attained, confirm this impression.

Other attempts to find solutions [natural, nutritional etc] for MS hardly find any interest. There are for example diverse epidemiological studies concerning MS, that open many other points of view. The Canadian geologist Dr. Ashton F. Embry (his son has MS) collected these studies and tried to come to conclusions of how to treat MS (www.direct-ms.com). His aim was to identify the cause of MS and thus to improve or even cure the disease. His results should perhaps be more consequently followed up.

It is difficult to avoid the impression that only MS-patients have a real interest in curing their disease. How can it otherwise be possible, that such simple thoughts have not been followed up by professional research projects?


Reality check: there are some very powerful forces around (subjective as well as objective) that will never make Multiple Sclerosis treatable.

At the same time there are other - user-friendly, natural, nasty and dangerous side effects-free ways to deal with symptoms of MS and other autoimmune diseases.

By the way, I managed to reverse my MS symptoms and stay on a permanent Multiple Sclerosis remission from 1996, using no dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.



  1. 1 Astrid Lee, Reiki Master Teacher

    Actually, this article makes me sad.

    As a Reiki Master I have done a bit of work with MS patients and if it can uplift you at all, for my speech with the MS society here in Vancouver, I did some research which brought out some light and hope.

    Here it is:

    I hope that these findings will lift your spirit! Thank goodness there is alternative care to help you let go of the 'advantages' of MS.


  2. 2 Merlyn 52

    Okay, I am now pretty sure that taking pancreatic enzymes is reducing/alleviating my spasticity to an amazing degree! I can sleep without kicking, this is totally remarkable, because as the years have gone by I have become one big spasm. I am not weight-bearing really, and I use a ceiling lift/sling to do any transferring. The phlebotomy had reduced spasticity by about 30% when I was able to do that, but my hemoglobin is not normal, it is not bouncing back so I could not continue to do that and I despaired of finding anything that would help me out in that regard. Spasticity this severe is torture, you cannot move without inducing unwanted muscle contractions. Yesterday, I took a total of six pancreatin, and I cannot believe just how little spasticity I'm having. Now, I am also nebulizing a mixture of nano silver/nano zeolite/glutathione which has caused me to lower my thyroid medication and this method of detoxing might be super effective, but I am pretty sure it is the pancreatic enzymes that are alleviating the spasticity. And the reason I say this is I've known for a very long time that my spasticity is related to digestive problems. I used to do vitamin C flushes which would totally empty my intestinal tract and I would get some relief from spasticity, or if I do a three day juice fast I get the same moderation of spasticity, or the time I had the Norwalk virus, I got three days of relief after that kind of purge. So now I am certain that for me my spasticity is related to leaky gut/bad protein digestion/CIC's (Circulating Immune Complexes). Cutting out the lactose is also probably helping, but then again lactose intolerance can just be a sign of a lack of enzymes... anyway, I am so happy! When I couldn't continue with the phlebotomies, I got very depressed thinking I would have to live with this unbearable spasticity and it would just keep getting worse, and worse and worse and worse until I would have to get a baclofen pump or something. If, like me, you could not tolerate digestive enzymes that are plant-based, try pancreatin. My mother was diabetic, my two older brothers have been diagnosed diabetic and they are in great shape, not overweight very physically active, and my younger sister is suffering from pancreatitis... so there is definitely a hereditary component going on in this family of mine. I have to thank Dr. Lyn once again for driving up here to see me, and bringing her ZYTO biofeedback thing with her because that is what got me going on the pancreatic enzymes as it showed a severe lack of them. Also, if you cannot digest protein, your body cannot rebuild anything, repair a thing... they keep saying that diabetes and MS seem to be linked somehow, maybe we have week pancreas... I have read that pancreatic enzymes inhibit the absorption of iron... which I find interesting. In the book Enzymes Enzyme Therapy by Dr. Cichoke, he says that enzymes can do the same thing as plasmapheresis! I had reached the conclusion that phlebotomy was the poor man's plasmapheresis, and I am still convinced that the problem for me is mainly in my blood. When you start to read about CIC's, you can start to understand the harm CIC's do to the vascular/venous system... http://atvb.ahajournals.org/cgi/content/full/15/5/665 One such element might be circulating immune complexes (CICs). CICs are associated with premature vascular disease in both humans and experimental animals.

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