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What's all this about? New flu pandemic? No, that's autoimmune epidemic!

Book "The Autoimmune Epidemic: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance--and the Cutting-Edge Science that Promises Hope" (2008) by
Donna Jackson Nakazawa,
an autoimmune sufferer herself

Foreword to "The Autoimmune Epidemic"
by Douglas Kerr, M.D., Ph.D.:

He explains:

This really trustworthy expert is sharing his collected information:

Later he's providing a short explanation about operation of  immune system:

He asks rhetoric questions and explains:

Some statistics (are you here?):


Concerned about health in general or autoimmune disorder in particular? Lots of info in the book:

The Autoimmune Epidemic The Autoimmune Epidemic

Final words:

Reading The Autoimmune Epidemic is a necessary first step Reading The Autoimmune Epidemic is a life-altering event
It needs to be



  1. 1 Suraj

    Thank you for that very interesting study on autoimmune diseases, i would like to know as to where i could the actual treatment seeking rates of therapeutics for autoimmune complications. Cheers, Suraj

  2. 2 Ginny

    Thank you for making this website. I was diagnosed with MS which turned out to be Lyme disease...which I am now fighting. There are a high number of false negatives in Lyme testing from what I understand (close to 50 percent). There is little or no help for a person suffering with Lyme disease in the medical community. The symptoms of MS and Lyme disease are nearly identical...makes me wonder. Thank you for your advice...I am taking a Lumbrokinase which has powerful systemic enzymatic activity which breaks down the biofilm cause by the bugs that cause my disease. I plan on looking into the enzymes that you have suggested. You are so right about the importance of nutrition...good whole healthy food is medicine to help your body heal...and lots of oxygen. I am very glad that you were able to heal yourself of MS...I believe that all disease is curable too...the pharmaceutical companies just don't want people to know that... and that is why almost every serious disease one can think of is "incurable".

  3. 3 Lynda Johnson-Pearl

    I have Lyme Disease and am working with a LLD. Often MS is misdiagnosed and is really Lyme Disease, as they have similar symptoms and Lyme can mask many *Other* diseases including MS. I am going to add enzymes to my Lyme protocol and was wondering which one or kind I should use? There are SO many out there and I won't take anything that has fillers in them (Magnesium Stearate) so any advice will be helpful. I have a lot of physical pain as well and my liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and small interstine need help. Thanks L.P.

  4. 4 Greg Ritchey

    A friend of mine is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis that is ravaging his whole body.If he does any type of work, he knows the next day he will be be in bed the whole day.I read the book Enzymes The Fountain Of Life and learned about the treatment you perform for MS patients is very similar to the treatment they give the arthritis patients.I have learned that the immune complexes tear up the body and a successful treatment is with Enzyme Therapy and with using the specialized Inflammatory Enzymes. Is there any way I could get any information on acquiring and who do I talk to about this. Thank you and I appreciate any help you give me.

  5. 5 Anne Davison

    Hi, We need to stimulate our own stem cells. Mannatech Inc. has a couple of products that have helped auto immune sufferers including those with ms. Ambrotose activates bone marrow to produce stem cells in abundance. This is a well researched company, lots of science, committed to natural pathways. Bounce Back is a proteolytic based product which reduces inflamation as you mentioned enzyme therapy. Anne

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