Autoimmunity - let's replace immune system?

What happens, when some part of your car or computer etc. wears down? Simply. You visit your car or computer etc. mechanic to get that part replaced. Some time ago medical doctors (human body mechanics) came in with the idea of replacing some faulty body parts - heart, liver... Obviously, everything is far more complicated in a living body case. Body has own immune system - powerful versatile safeguards, that can destroy literally anything (organic) inside the host body.
Immune system is so widespread, that it seems to be much easier to name body parts that aren't parts of immune system than conversely
That's fine - researchers developed subsidiary idea - to weaken the safeguard.  Present official synthetic pharmaceuticals, surgery and radiation based medicine has all powerful tools to demolish everything they want. Again, nothing seems to be impossible nowadays - even living with weak immune system. But - pssst! - the patient must be silent - don't even dare speaking about quality of life. But what to do, when body's own safeguard (immune system) for some reason becomes faulty? A group of medical researchers suggested a new idea - replace the immune system! Researchers from the University - institution, once created to spread lucent humanistic ideas. So, hmm - nice idea. But wait a moment - what about existing immune system? It's faulty, but still - it guards the body against all environmental germs and performs lots of other highly important for body survival tasks. More about problems and ways of immune system replacement (for some reason they call it reboot) - in articles 1. Immune System Reboot Could Treat Autoimmune Disease 2. Stem cell transplant can grow new immune system in certain mice, Stanford researchers find. Read, if you like. For me it's a sort of terrible nightmare of a psychedelic person... OK, these are creations of present pharmaceutical - medical conglomerate. But I still have some (not so) simple questions. Look: My main question remains:
Can it be that scientists are working in growing isolation? Or is it some special kind of "scientific" confusion - when one group knows nothing about results of others? Isn't it similar to Health and wellness problems of information overload?



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    I have to shout to the world & all MS sufferers that you can not depend on Modern Research to find the Cure. Modern Research has not diligently done the work of " Leaving no stone unturned" - they have not exhausted all possibilities to reach the true Goal of finding the cure. Sure, they are continuing their search but they are going in the wrong direction & wasting valuable time. I need to prove that there is an avenue of Research which has shown GREAT promise it needs one more step to reach the cure and yet No research groups has taken this step because of a "Technicality" - their stubbornness into going beyond this route despite the clues or evidence points that this is the direction where the cure is. But We as a Research Agency has gone that Route. Below is the full Explanation: Many Multiple Sclerosis folks are already aware of a treatment for MS that is available Over-the-Counter. This is Myelin Basic Protein capsules available from Food supplement stores and the Internet. This product can be found at There is also another product called SPHINGOLIN - it is the same MYELIN Protein but is just another name . The mechanism of This kind of TREATMENT is Called Oral Tolerance- a mechanism researched by Modern Medical Researchers. Oral Tolerance (O.T.) is the most successful way of treating MUltiple Sclerosis & various autoimmune diseases. View this link to understand better. And the most important part is O.T. is successful in - animal trials of autoimmune diseases. See Success in Animals trials below: However, it has not been successful in human trials. But if all of the factors in the animal trials were duplicated in human trials then we will have success too. The reason animal trials were positive is because in most cases the animals were young - their immune system were producing good amounts of the missing factor - CD80/CD86. The suppressor T cells - our attention should be on this cell because it is responsible for lowering antibodies (immunoglobin G) and can bring total healing. The research by Dr. Polly Matzinger explains this best : The T cell needs 2 factors or signals for full activation. 1.) a peptide similar to myelin Basic protein - a tiny dose 1 mg. this primes or makes ready the T cell. But without the 2nd signal the T cell remains in anergy( no activity). 2.) the Second signal - is CD80 or CD86 - either one is enough to make the T cell go thru the changes that makes it fully activated cell. Doctor Matzinger's work is "The Danger Theory" in Immunology which is long explanation but the 2 signals described above are the important ones because they answer & complete what is needed in Oral Tolerance. It is the Second Signal where Modern medicine has not progressed further & failed. CD80 and CD86 are factors found in the blood. Many Blood Factors and their production are increased by Herbs; For EXAMPLE: 1.) VEGF(Vascular endothelial Growth Factor) - expression increased by Chinese herb Angelica sinensis. 2.) Interferon-G - expression induced by Astragalus membraneous root and some extracts from certain beans. 3.) Tumor necrosis factor- a - production increased by Coptis herb 4.) INterleukin-2 - expression increased by Goji berries. The important fact is CD80 And/or CD86 -the missing ingredient can be induced by Herbs. CD80 production is possible thru the use of plants &/or mushrooms. Examples: 1.) Agaricus bisporus - can induce CD80 . Agaricus bisporus is the white Button mushroom or champignon mushroom found in most U.S. and Canadian supermarkets. see article 2.) Goji berry known as Lycium barbarum - juice and extracts induces CD80- available from most Food supplement stores & the internet See article We have just proven that the answer to autoimmune diseases including Multiple sclerosis is Modern Medicine's Oral Tolerance combined with herbs . All INFo here are True and you can search these thru the internet. Look up the words - Oral Tolerance, T suppressor cells, Dr. Polly Matzinger, T cells & Second signal, CD80 & CD86 - all of these can be verified & found in the internet and in medical journals - you'll see they agree with what is written here. But Modern Med. research has a handicap. We have approached 2 Research company &agency and offered that they partner with us because it would help in getting ourselves (who are unknown) better accepted by both the medical community & MS patients worldwide. But we have been turned down. All Research agencies have partnered with Drug Companies whose policy is not to go into Herbs research. If they spend millions on herbs, herbs can not be patented so people will not get it from the Drug companies since they are available from stores & other sources. Lux Research - a division of Lux Health Resources has done the research & are successful in trials. For mild cases - 2 to 3 courses treatment Moderate - 4 - 5 courses treatment . Severe - 6 to 8 treatments. And each treatment takes only 21 days so that's not long to wait . Comments , Questions or Inquiries? Contact us - Lux Research at himmerland2000 @

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