One more solution for MS problems?

More about systemic enzymes that are keeping me MS attacks-free - here

New year arrived with fresh news in area of so-called multiple sclerosis drugs. On 22 January 2010 FDA (USA) approved a new drug "Ampyra", that improves walking abilities in many MS patients. Almost three out of four MS sufferers admit that walking appears to be the most frustrating aspect of their life. So any improvement of their life is welcomed. Ampyra specifics (important): Main advantage of this multiple sclerosis drug: although Ampyra does not change the course of disease, it most probably  enhances nerve function. These are good points of a new drug. However, by no means it is safe. You see
Originally this chemical was used as a bird poison !
Known side effects: Everybody MS-er should think carefully, if using this drug isn't too high price. Even if walking abilities improve for a while. My major question is:
How long walking improvement lasts, before one or another life quality worsening side effect appear?
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  1. 1 Greta Johnson

    Hello, Your Site is very informative. I appreciate it. I was diagnosed with MS in 2001. I do not take ANY MEDS,
    I do not trust them. I quit smoking, changed my diet, WENT GREEN, I eat everything of the earth.

    I recently tried OSTEO BiFLeX, it is for Arthritis. It is fantastic
    in that it improved my mobility a little. The thing that TRULY initially gave me hope is RICE BRAN. It is a product from I still am ON THAT. It revolves around FRUITS and VEGATIBLE ( I cannot Spell anymore)

    I still cannot walk for more than 200 meters but my balance. THEREFORE
    I NEED A TWEEK in my stuff. I need my MOJO back ( a little more of my MOJO atleast ) and I am stoked about another natural THING that has many years of recommendations. I will stay tuned to keep you posted.
    I like your style. Greta Johnson New York ( will be 50 in October)

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