Multiple Sclerosis prevention

I was enjoying so bright and rich New Zealand sun the other day and celebrating my 12-th MS remission year

Suddenly I realized, how really easy can be to prevent Multiple Sclerosis

More about systemic enzymes that are keeping me MS attacks-free - here

Definitely, these are my speculations only, but please take a look. I even figured out, that there are several quite simple MS prevention strategies:

    1. Change absolutely nothing!
      Simple estimation can definitely confirm that any change has absolutely no sense:



      • There is around ~ 1,5 million MS sufferers over the world
      • There is around ~ 6 billion humans on Earth
      • Thus probability to catch MS is around 0.00025 (my rough estimation)
      • As eventuality to get caught with MS is so negligible (if above estimation is correct, roughly 1 person in ~ 4,000 gets MS) and it's real cause never exactly known, any advice is neither practical nor accurate
    2. Concerned? - Change something!
      It's absolutely up to you, what and how much you change:



      • diet and nutrition
      • exposure to chemicals
      • contact with heavy metals etc
      • The less contacts with immune system de-regulating and suppressing agents you have, the more healthy you are

You may ask: "Is it possible to prevent MS?"

I am not 100% sure, but today my answer is YES

* * *

However, that's absolutely different story, when trying to prevent [any] chronic degenerative (including autoimmune) disease.

That decidedly is directly associated with succession of pro-active acts. Absolutely biggest segment of all these diseases have very close origins (see MS causes).

That's absolutely 'personal luck' of anybody experiencing degenerative disorder, which disorder he or she got. Most probably it depends of personal inner constitution (genes), mixture of toxic cocktail a sufferer was exposed to, exposure dosage and duration.


Nobody really knows who was the first to discover this so simple truth:

Best cure - prevention

I completely agree, however, I'd like to add this:

As you never know, what you are preventing and how much,

never forget, what and why you're trying to achieve



  1. 1 Lewis McKinney

    Hi, I don’t have MS, neither do I know anyone personally who does. I’m just interested in health (taking control of my wife and I’s health). I have a friend that is a therapist and is supporting the MS Foundation in a fund raiser and has asked me to provide some support. So, my curiosity got the best of me and I did a search for natural treatments. This site is the 3rd site I visited. Thanks for the info. Non of which you have produced here surprises me, as I believe our life style (diet), deception of the food/pharma/medical industries and government are the primary culprits. I believe we have to take control of our health (as you have). Look forward to hearing from you. May Jesus bless you and yours. Lewis

  2. 2 Sylvia Smith

    I have ms.I had been living a super healthy life style before but have it now and have an MRI schedule for wed.I had onone when I was diagnosed.

  3. 3 Julie

    Did you know – life after MS is so wonderful ! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. 4 Natalia

    Hi to everyone, At this moment in in the hospital under a Solumedrol thereapy to recover for what is seems to be my third attack. I just discovered it was MS yesterday. I arrived ER with numbeness in my legs and hands and they run a lot of test and discovered it id MS. To tell the truth more than scared I just started to think "What am i going to do to keep healthy and live my life like i have nothing" My cousins also has MS but in her case is very severe, but still she do all like everyone else and keeps very optimistic. I will love to received advises about what things had help in the past to decrease the "attacks" and life healthy.

  5. 5 LA Weight Loss

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