Multiple Sclerosis and nutrition

There are various, sometimes contrary, opinions concerning the type of food that should be consumed by MS patients

MS and Food Allergies

Very good scientific research based review is presented in a Life Extension Foundation website: Allergies to certain foods may also play a role in the development or exacerbation of MS. MS is most prevalent in areas where consumption of wheat gluten and milk are also high... This relationship has not been proven conclusively, but allergies may play some role in the onset or severity of MS. Components of some foods may act as triggers to the immune system, causing it to begin an inappropriate autoimmune response similar to the body's autoimmune response to bacteria and viruses... Apart from specific cross-reactions to food proteins, a majority of patients who have MS reportedly have a variety of digestive system deficits, including poor digestive enzyme production, poor digestion of fats and proteins, and suboptimal absorption of various nutrients, including vitamin B12... ...some patients who have MS who were treated for yeast infections—and who subsequently had their gut microflora recolonized with friendly probiotic organisms (such as those present in active yogurt cultures)—experienced significant improvement in their MS symptoms...

All other MS and nutrition related versions are mainly personal:

All above described diets are similar in few aspects: However, some crucial to my opinion aspects are missing:

All above information should only be considered as helpful suggestions. Each person is an individual and reacts differently to the various food substances. It is substantial that all individuals should observe their reactions precisely and then choose what is good for them



  1. 1 Ron Murray

    I was a patient of Dr. Swank, starting his diet in 1984 and have remained on it until recently. It is not a type of Paleo Diet. I switched to the 100% Paleo Diet which is an expansion of the Swank Diet.

    He knew that the key factor in onset and treatment of MS was nutrition, and I'm sure he now would now embrace the Paleo Diet.

    If you watch the first video on the it will explain in depth the reasons our modern diet is responsible for auto-immune diseases.

  2. 2 Cathalijne Zoete

    I watched the sites of Dr.Swank, and read the book of Dr.Kwasniewski and also read many other books on MS.(Prof.Harold Foster "What really causes MS")
    I would rather start on a paleo-diet than on homo-optimus...
    I find it striking that there is no good update on how many (new) MS-patients have gotten positive results with the homo optimus diet of Kwasniewski. Here in the Netherlands I think no one has ever tried it. But due to the minimum information I'm also afraid to start the diet, and I have also my own thoughts on it: I'm type A for the Eat right for your type-diet.
    I've always had negative effects from eating saturated fats, as long as I have had MS (10 years now) And have been a vegetarian almost all my life....doet this diet fit me? Wouldn't I have severe side -effects so to speak?
    Are there any people out there who would like to share?
    Thanks in advance for any remarks or information!

  3. 3 Multiple Sclerosis

    It's needless to say that the importance of diet cannot be underlined enough when it comes to MS. There are plenty of diets out there, but one thing should always be considered by multiple sclerosis patients: how does the diet make them feel.

    When it comes to MS, one's diet needs to contain enough nourishment without putting extra strain on the body, and at the same time needs not to contain aliments that worsen the symptoms. So, it's recommended to keep a journal with what you ate and how it made you feel when you start on a new diet. This way you'll have a better look at how the diet works for you.

  4. 4 Optimal Nutrition

    I would like to share my story:
    I applied the Optimal Nutrition (and I know more people who did the same) and I cured myself.

    I came to Canada in 1991 and after arriving I applied the recommended nutritional advice ,with now, a great regret.

    I cut fat, ate fish and chicken, and supplied my body with lots of fruits and vegetable. I ate this with MODERATION.( The word "moderation" has a different meaning to everyone, and cannot be used in nutrition which is a science - biochemistry).

    In 1992 I started to feel weak, unable to run and do most things I enjoyed doing before (hiking, biking). After couple of months these symptoms disappeared.

    The symptoms reappeared again 1996 and were much stronger, made me unable to enjoy life . I was diagnosed with MS, a very frightening disease.

    For everyone the diagnosis feels like a DEATH SENTENCE. Someone with MS feels like a heavy chain is strapped around the body, makes a person unable to move. The legs, arms are extremely heavy. To do anything requires good hand-eye coordination. By that I mean it is hard to know where a hand or a leg is without looking at it and trying, if it is still possible, to perform any tasks.

    When the body is supplied with the best proteins (building blocks), the best energy (fat - burning it gives energy and water) and with limited amount of carbohydrates (needed only for the brain and heart proper function) the mentioned above heavy chain starts to become lighter and lighter, and one day it drops. An unbelievable feeling.

    (Recent MRI test done at UBC shows, that I do not have MS anymore).

    The above information shows that people do not have to suffer. They can live a better, healthier life.

    All information on how to start and continue ON are on:

    Facebook “Optimal Nutrition-cures”

  5. 5 Whitney

    I have had incredible success with the autoimmune protocol of the paleo diet. I started a web site to help people learn more about the relation diet has to MS (multiple sclerosis). It is if you want to check it out. Diet is a big portion of the lifestyle you need to lead to beat MS. Having a good attitude, managing stress and sleeping well are just as important.

  6. 6 alcachofa

    You've got great insights about nutrition, health, diet, healthy nutrition, keep up the good work!

  7. 7 Mila

    Thanks million trillion times for posting your experience online.

    I was able to recover fully from MS because i started avoiding food (dairy) that triggered my immune system, ever since the onset of MS. Just recently i started thinking about enzymes more seriously so that i can consume dairy again. I found the enzymes with DPP IV activity that allow me to consume dairy without any problems, but haven't tried systemic enzymes.

    I feel so grateful for coming across your site. Why are you not sharing any more thoughts?

  8. 8 Martha Johnson

    No one should eat meat or dairy products if they want their health. Latest research illustrates that both meat and dairy products cause cancer, heart disease, strokes, and other horrible maladies. Due to phytic acid, lectins, oxalates, and acidic versus alkaline issues, a person should eat the following each day and not much else. Everything should be eaten raw and organic. Collard greens, kale, other leafy greens, oranges, tangerines, garlic, onions, kiwis, hemp powder for protein, 6-8 Medjool dates, flax oil, Lakewood carrot juice, Lakewood beet juice, Barleans lignan flax oil, vitamin and mineral supplements. I've discovered that a person should eat no more than one avocado a day. I don't eat avocados at all anymore. Too many problems with them. The above regimen will provide long-term health.

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