Overcoming MS

Orthomolecular doctor Andrew Saul, Ph.D., the author of wonderful website DoctorYourself .com and several books, put it simply:

 If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself

This especially includes your health care

He knows - that's the best way towards better health. I know too.

* * *

Everybody knows - any MS-er can experience any MS symptom - in any combination.

I don't know about you, but I've lived with MS. Now I do live after MS, but I remember 2 most terrifying symptoms of un-stopped Multiple Sclerosis (both intensify in time, as MS is of degenerative nature):

Don't forget - usually these symptoms last for life...

Think for a moment. Do you want it? Perhaps up to this minute you did not know about the option to cure or manage MS naturally. What you need now is knowledge - and courage. And you already know, what can help you.

It's hard to expect, that you'll become completely healthy. Scars in your brain will never annihilate.

But you definitely can stop degeneration, and that's perfect. Or, if you're lucky, you can even reduce some symptoms, as I did - and still do.

Just let systemic enzymes to do their job !

* * *

More about systemic enzymes that are keeping me MS attacks-free - here

ALL official information regarding Multiple Sclerosis has been masterfully knotted. All the mess stated with so-called Pasteur's "germ theory". More - in article Faulty medicine?.

Here's information concerning MS Triggers.

It took me over 10 years to puzzle out, what MS really is (or could be). Results of my investigation (and confusion) have been presented in articles:

Is Multiple Sclerosis some kind of mysterious disease - an complete entity in itself, and did it only manifests in a specific manner? Again, can it just present itself rather occasionally, or is it a result of some other processes? How can one know?

Another day (several years ago) I came across scientific information, explaining, that Multiple Sclerosis is one of almost 100 autoimmune disorders. It's good to know, that MS is not a completely unique disorder, but belongs to a big family, united by action of de-regulated immune system. More - in articles:

Wouldn't you be interested in Advantages of MS ! ? !

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As we already know, presently prevailing allopathic medicine is firmly based on Pasteur's "germ theory". It simply means, that ANY disease MUST BE initiated by some "imported" from outside germ.

Again, it simply means, that to kill that unknown germ it must be discovered and manufactured the "silver bullet" - a drug. As a rule, such a drug must be poisons - to reliably and completely kill the germ.

Existing so-called MS drugs are extremely poisonous. More - in articles:

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We all - sick or not - are living in a tremendous environment of towering information overload. It was a time, when I addressed attention to consequences of this phenomenon. Here's more on Health and wellness problems of information overload.

The problem of information reliability etc. has been remarkably set forth by Mark Twain:

If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed

If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed

Reality is - ANYONE has been constantly immersed in the ocean of often unreliable (misleading) information overload !

And the main reason for that - conflict of financial interests:

Consequently, you got the only option - educate yourself. Acquired knowledge will enable you to cure yourself properly. And don't worry - it's hardly possible to over-educate.