MS causes


So, you got the enemy - Multiple Sclerosis...


What you can do?



More about systemic enzymes that are keeping me MS attacks-free - here


Perhaps it's not so bad idea to look what did outstanding men in fraught with danger situations.

Look, every great strategist will tell you:

First and foremost - know your enemy !

There exist several general MS-related strategies. To clearly present distinct strategies distinguishable colors will be used.

Two strategies are presented:

Let's start acquaintance with our enemy:

MS description:




MS patient activity:





Two distinct strategies were presented for you in a detailed manner. Now it's entirely up to you, which one to choose.

By the way, I made my MS silent and unobtrusive since 1997, following strictly naturalistic strategy.

MS causes self-test

This simple test is purely qualitative, however it could hugely clarify the situation and provide some clues for any MS sufferer.

Furthermore, it cost nothing.

To explore personal situation, it is wise to answer all listed below questions:

List could continue, but you got the point. Most probably your MS has been caused by exposure to either to man-made chemicals, heavy metals and/or food products you are allergic/sensitive to

What could cause your MS

Researchers worldwide are coming to the agreement,
that multiple sclerosis - mainly disease of civilization

More details - in article
Welcome - Autoimmune Epidemic


Some most common MS and other autoimmune diseases triggers are listed below:

Further complications

It would be much far more simple to discover the trigger if a problem were created by a unique causative element. Unfortunately, in reality all living species are permanently exposed to an ever changing whopping mixture of environmental toxins - through breathing, eating, drinking or skin absorption…

Several simple examples:

It would be easy to construct more similar examples, but you’ve got the idea.

It is known for centuries, that two poisons, acting together,
can be effective in significantly smaller doses . . .