MS drugs dangers

More about systemic enzymes that are keeping me MS attacks-free - here

Several years ago in article Orthodox MS symptoms treatment I described widely promoted by Big Pharma and so heavily used so-called multiple sclerosis (MS) medications and reported side effects.

Anybody interested can find heaps of explanations, why it is so. For example MS Treatment Market will Reach $11.9 Billion by 2011 or News from MS market '07.

No doubt, MS drugs are a group of very profitable medications. Because of that almost nobody speaks about most serious problems, connected with their usage. Unfortunately, there are some serious underlying reasons, resulting in production of so terribly poisonous medications. Anybody interested can find more information in article Faulty medicine?.

More warnings

Just now I want you to see something essential. This piece of information is arguably the most important for anyone dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. It arrives to you from the most popular world’s natural health website

The usual prescription for MS is a cartload of highly toxic medications.

It is my strong recommendation to not accept these drugs, and if you’re already on them, to wean yourself off, as they are some of the most toxic drugs used in the field of medicine. These drugs include:

  • Prednisone - a steroid hormone that can significantly impair




    your immune system, and cause diseases like osteoporosis and cataracts…

  • Interferon. This drug is quite deceptive, because even though it’s a natural substance, it’s typically given in a dose that shuts down your body’s natural feedback loop. As a result, it tends to do more harm than good

Fortunately, there are many alternatives to these toxic treatment methods offered by conventional medicine



  1. 1 Raymond Blauvelt


    I take copaxone 1995 had to retire was a cop...mixed up???.......thanks...Ray

  2. 2 Colleen Simmons

    I was diagnosed in 2001 .. have taken 2 different therapies, Avonex when I was first diagnosed and spent about 18 months "getting use to" the side effects before I just couldn't take being sick for 6 out of 7 days and taking the shot again the night of the 7th day.. and Copaxon that was some real crap for my body .. started taking it in October and then by December (when I quit using it) I was having such bad joint and muscle pain I had to go to the doctor just to get pain meds and muscle relaxers .. BTW it's still very bad still taking all the pills that I started taking in December and taking more of them some days... have gone back to just taking my medicine cabinet full of vitamins that seem to work at keeping my MS monster at bay ... may taste like crap and have to drink about a gallon of water to get them down but it works better and BIGGEST PLUS I don't have to use a NEEDLE for them

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