My story


Knowledge of how to have health gives greatest power
To folks who can’t speak about Multiple Sclerosis ‘neutrally’?


cures for MS that workIt was just the time when I started falling into a deep pit. That pit was so deep - there isn’t any possibility to return from a bottom.

I didn’t know then, what kind of pit it was. And how deep. All I knew at that time was: "’I am falling".

Just then a miracle happened. Somebody came to visit me and told: "There is a new supplement for your problem at a pharmacy".

As this supplement was completely natural, I started using it at once.

More about systemic enzymes that are keeping me MS attacks-free - here

After 18 months of regular use of the supplement another miracle happened. I not only stopped falling - I started a slow journey out of that pit.

Sadly, I can’t recall, who advised me to use this miraculous supplement.

Never mind - I feel indebted and my decision to return my debt is to spread good news to those who might need it

Why I created this website

Look - I am a lucky guy. I have what lots of others are only silently dreaming about. I healed myself out of MS!


So I decided to create this whole website for a sole purpose - to help these of you, who are willing to find answers to questions:

I am not a doctor - I’m an autoimmunity insider, who stopped MS over 10 years ago. Forever! I actively observe all researches, theories etc, related to different aspects of autoimmunity and apply some - to further improve my health.

Not every endeavour is successful. Nevertheless, I am still improving my health - because I am applying natural therapies only.

I’ll advise you to use several very special health supplements only - because all of them are real autoimmunity fighters. If used properly, they could at least inactivate any autoimmune disease (including MS) - or even improve your general health.

I’ll explain, why these supplements are necessary in therapeutic doses for everyone wanting to overcome his or her autoimmunity.

Note : this website is for active people - these who want to improve health - and life

As an old adage says:

If you’re not sure where you’re going, any road can take you there

What I am writing about

It’s easy to see - everything Multiple Sclerosis-related is personal for me. As a matter of routine, I had to become a victim. And I am confident - if I had done nothing, MS would have beaten me - as it has done so many others.

MS came to my life as a most dangerous enemy. I was diagnosed with MS in August 1996. In 4 months it almost completely took away my ability to walk - I could hike only up to 200 meters. My eyesight was visibly compromised and other symptoms appeared. This tremendous malady started to devastate my biggest treasure - my brain.

Doctors started to do what they were trained to do - medicate me. They were treating me with mega doses of body-damaging synthetic pharmaceuticals. As this aggressive intervention worsened my overall condition promptly and significantly, I had to reshape my whole life.

Doctors are right - MS can’t be treated
But it can be healed - naturally!

Being practically minded it was easy to foresee what would happen if I did nothing. Brrr. No, thanks - I had different plans. So I outlined a basic strategy to beat MS. It was neither easy nor transitory - mainly because of incomplete knowledge. The process is still under permanent development.

It was September 2008, now is March 2010. I still have many scars over my brain - 3 MRI scans unambiguously confirmed that. Also, these same scans demonstrated gradually declining inflammation in my brain (something completely impossible for active MS).

I can hike a lot more now.

Putting that simply - my MS has gone

Nevertheless, I can assure you - it wasn’t accidental. Now I am more confident about my future. I simply was lucky enough to devise a correct MS-overcoming strategy - in time.

I still have some minor problems, caused by my brain damage. Some scars will stay for all my life. But there isn’t autoimmunity in my body. I live a quality life, I study a lot, including other languages etc. My brain is working better.

I don’t know you, but I can imagine how you feel reading these words. Everybody around has heard that MS is untreatable. Initially I felt similarly - total obscurity and lots of reservations. But during my journey towards autoimmunity-free life I found that it’s definitely far better to live after MS than with MS - and how to do that!

Keep reading and:

You should be surprised, how one simple unadvertised natural plant-based health supplement can dissolve underlying causes of literally any autoimmune disease. No side effects - any user of this supplement gains energy and retards aging as well as having other benefits

Also, you will realize, that if you are interested in cures for MS, you must know precisely what MS is … Keep reading

What should be done first

So, we are here. Modern medicine came to a stage of recognizing autoimmune diseases.

Regretfully, evidence shows that the majority of medical doctors aren’t trained in that area. Another problem - there are known almost 100 autoimmune diseases. So how many doctors you’ll have to visit to get a diagnosis of your problem?


There are more questions, but you see a huge problem already.

I am not going to cure (or treat) you. Instead, I could advice you, how you could improve you health - your life.

All I am telling you:

There aren’t more suitable dietary health supplements to cure diseased, deregulated and overactive immune system, to completely detoxify your body than Systemic Enzymes

More information about systemic enzymes and how to purchase -
in article Systemic Enzymes
The key reason for my faith in these health supplements -
they literally squashed my Multiple Sclerosis

Sincere wishes for a good life


PS1 Never forget! - All Autoimmune Diseases are of a chronic degenerative nature. It simply means that anybody caught with the autoimmune process becomes a battlefield. Every delayed day simply means that your body can be destroyed more. So don’t linger - be courageous and responsible. That’s your life - the body you now have is the ONLY one you are going to get!

PS2 I am actively searching for information concerning healing autoimmunity (initially for overcoming MS) from 1997. I must admit, there isn’t anything working better than Systemic Enzymes. Just because of their comprehensive job, my autoimmunity was completely removed. It helped over 50 others who decided to improve their health too

PS3 Consider and reconsider what you want. I am an action guy. I need lots of information for a sole purpose - to fine-tune my fighting autoimmunity strategy. Pure information - without action - will never make anybody more healthy - and happy… I really have no idea if what helped me will solve your problem, if you have any. At the end of the day everything depends on your action. But I am pretty sure that included information could improve your life in more than one way

PS4 I have passed this valuable information to you. Just now I am asking you to communicate it to others in need