MS, children and vitamin D

In one study, published June 2009, researchers from the University of  Toronto tested the vitamin D blood levels of 125 children who had exhibited symptoms indicating some form of damage to the myelin sheath.

Children who develop multiple sclerosis have substantially lower levels of vitamin D than children who do not develop the disease, according to a series of studies presented at an international conference on multiple sclerosis in Montreal.

Full article:  Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Multiple Sclerosis in Children

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Final words:

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So we got it:

Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Multiple Sclerosis in Children

But why:

I realize - this was the area of the research - the researchers performed a so-called scientific investigation.

What I really can't understand (and agree with) - they didn't perform any exploration into area of other possible multiple sclerosis (MS) causes. OK, they don't mention it.

All the authors of this article are trying to do is to treat a set of symptoms, officially called Multiple Sclerosis, presupposing the only cause (lack of vitamin D), without even guessing any other.

I described some most probable causes of multiple sclerosis and all other autoimmune disorders in a chapter MS Triggers.

It's really so simple: if there is other MS trigger - not vitamin D deficiency, increasing amount of this particular vitamin will not reduce MS symptoms and can even complicate a situation.

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Importance of vitamin D is well documented in important medical researches:

Get your vitamin D !


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