MS and heavy metals

Toxic heavy metals pose the second worst environmental health problem in the United States according to a 300 page study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

There are 35 metals that concern us because of occupational or residential exposure; 23 of these are the heavy metals...

For some heavy metals, toxic levels can be just above the background concentrations naturally found in nature. Therefore, it is important for us to inform ourselves about the heavy metals and to take protective measures against excessive exposure...

Commonly Encountered Toxic Heavy Metals:

Chronic toxicity to heavy metals results from repeated or continuous exposure, leading to an accumulation of the toxic substance in the body. Chronic exposure may result from contaminated food, air, water, or dust; living near a hazardous waste site; spending time in areas with deteriorating lead paint; maternal transfer in the womb; or from participating in hobbies that use lead paint or solder. Chronic exposure may occur in either the home or workplace...

Information from Life extension foundation website

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of civilized man, and, like many other diseases of our modern age, it is a disease of an overactive and misdirected immune system. The specific reasons for this are unclear, but a prominent theory relates heavy metals like mercury, lead and aluminum as the agents that might replace normal molecules in the myelin sheaths, leading to an onslaught of free radical damage which destroys the myelin sheaths, resulting in MS. In addition, the immune system now sees this tissue as foreign, because of the replacement of heavy metals, and produces antibodies which attack the myelin, leading to further damage.

The toxic effects of heavy metals and chemicals are increasingly being recognized by the medical profession as the root cause underlying much of mankind's suffering. The December 1992 issue of The American Family Physician, published by the American Academy of Family Physicians, devoted an entire article to the signs, symptoms and causes of mercury toxicity, and also recommended chelation therapy as the treatment of choice for this affliction. In January 1993, the journal spoke of the ill effects of lead toxicity and recommended chelation therapy for this problem as well. Both mercury and lead can inflict terrible damage upon any tissue.

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There exists very strong and widening opinion that heavy metals, especially mercury, can trigger multiple sclerosis

If you want to know more about mercury (the most poisonous heavy metal) influence on health, please take a look at Mercury Exposure website - very well written and presented! Here is just one excerpt:

Research published 1st March 2006 shows neurodevelopmental disorders in children has decreased following removal of thimerosal, a preservative containing the neurotoxin mercury, from American childhood vaccines...



  1. 1 Yvette Hall

    I was exposed to heavy metals at work and immediately started to have neurological symptoms. There was a workmans comp case which they shoved my through and refused to let me see the doctors which was recommended. They wanted me to see a environmental and chemical specialist and a neurologist. So I settled the case and found my own doctors. The environmental and chemical specialists found that I was 98% poisoned with heavy metals she did do chelation but the symptoms continued and got worse I eventually got a visit with a neurologist and was confirmed by MRI to have MS

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