MS - 2 females for 1 male

Unfortunately, woman are suffering from MS almost twice as often as man


While mainstream medicine permanently explains that MS causes are unknown, the explanation how toxic man-made chemicals are involved in MS may clarify the situation a lot

So what happens in average house:

Begin by thinking of your home as a toxic waste dump. The average home today contains 62 toxic chemicals - more than a chemistry lab at the turn of the century. More than 72,000 synthetic chemicals have been produced since WW II. Less than 2% of synthetic chemicals have been tested for toxicity, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects, or birth defects. The majority of chemicals have never been tested for long-term effects.


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Obviously, woman usually are housekeepers, grow children and use cosmetics much more than men...


So what happens next?



  1. 1 helen provencal

    my daughter who is 50 years old in july of this year has ms. she was taking shots and plenty of medicine. she also goes to the thepautic pool twice a week. what i want to know is what kind of enzymes should she be taking or what else can she do. she is also taking chemo. tomorrow she is going to boston to try a new medicine. i treid to get it on my pc but it did not work. the name of the med she is going to try is amspria. have you ever heard of it. i wouldlike to know what it is ashot or pills. if you know please contact me and let me know what it is and if it will help her. thank you Helen

  2. 2 Anzela

    Hei, mano vardas Anzela, dirbu vienos jaunos moters, sergancios MS, asmenine asistente Norvegijoje. kiek supratau ji vartoja rivotril, sutrikusi koordinacija, regejimas, judejimas ir pan. noreciau zinoti ar jai galima sportuoti ir kaip? Pasireiskia raumenu itampa, agresyvumas, retai sypsosi, tiki dievu ir ko gero daugiau nieko. Manyciau praverstu socializacija ir bendravimas, psichoterapija. keista kad Norvegijoje to nesiuloma primygtinai. jei turite laiko gal galite man parasyti nors trumpai

  3. 3 Merlyn 52

    Yesterday I took a total of 12 pancreatin. Still no abdominal pain from taking these either on an empty stomach or with food. Trade now I am reading MicroMiracles by Dr. Cutler ( and am realizing that I will have to branch out beyond just animal glandulars because they cannot provide the spectrum of enzymes that I am probably needing. I have always had very high levels of fibrin and would like to reduce it with invertase etc. Dr. Cutler relates my former inability to tolerate enzymes to gut inflammation and recommends Gastrozyme type of product to reduce the inflammation otherwise protease enzymes will hurt. This book is really interesting because it has lots of survey/questionnaire components to help you pinpoint or target what types of foods might be giving you problems, whether you are having trouble breaking down carbohydrates (she says this is the more common problem) or fat/proteins. I think I have problems across the board when I read about symptoms and food cravings. She recommends eliminating grains, it sounds like she endorses the Paleolithic diet. She thinks many of our autoimmune conditions are the end result of food intolerance/inability to digest foods. I am only on page 88, so this is a rather premature review, but this book seems more helpful if one is trying to figure out exactly which enzymes would impact which condition a person is dealing with. It might also explain why I have never had any great results from supplements... she keeps emphasizing the fact that if you cannot digest food properly, then logically enough, you are probably not going to be able to make much use of vitamins or minerals or anything else because you need enzymes to use these nutrients. Years ago I had something called a Digestive Stool Analysis which showed a total lack of good bacteria, no bifidus, no acidophilus, I was full of strep B. and Pseudomonas. The mercury in your fillings gas off and you swallow that stuff all day long. Eventually the mercury kills all of the good bacteria in your system, but pathogenic bacteria like Candida can survive. I have known since the year 2000 that my gut is a total Chernobyl due to 16 fillings from childhood. But trying to correct the devastation has been very difficult/impossible and I now believe that my pancreas took a big hit from toxins and I have not been producing enzymes and will have to supplement them probably for life! Mercury is known as an enzyme destroyer and it is known to shut down the detox pathways of the liver... my environmental illness Dr. Lyn Hanshew has told me many times that she sees a lot of pancreatic enzyme deficiency in people that have been exposed to a large number of toxins. Add that to the genetically predetermined ability of a person to make enzymes, and you will have a portion of the population that will be chronically deficient in enzymes. I keep meaning to eat more raw foods, but it is difficult as I went through a total dental revision after having 16 fillings removed. I ended up with upper dentures and I find chewing raw food more difficult now. But I could perhaps dig out my Green Star juicer and get some enzymes via beet/carrot/kale juice, my fave...

  4. 4 Chausures

    Unfortunately, woman are suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) almost twice as often as man - mainly because of bigger chemical exposure

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