Health and wellness problems of information overload

Every day it appears there's a new piece of health advice stating you how to sustain or recover your health and wellness.

Recent "fact" becomes a "fad" as this week's data challenge the previous theory. Are you amazed, and maybe irritated, when one group of scientists disproves what another group has affirmed? You are not alone. Multitude of folks are confused by the overflow of accessible health information.

Health and wellness problems of information overload Numerous health care leaders acknowledge that this overcharge of information can be even as dangerous as ignorance. They agree - instead of being concerned with the small stuff, you should practice an overall healthy lifestyle.


Apply nutrition recommendations and added lifestyle fads as mere fixes that do not add to an generally healthy lifestyle. Moderation in nourishment, alcohol, and even physical activity ought be your approach

It's called the "information explosion" - an apparently never-ending bombardment from television, print, and internet. In the world of medicine, "information overload" is quickly becoming a new "disease" in search for a cure.

Obviously, same applies for medical doctors.

This phenomenon due to high volume of information as well as rapid changes. Some effects of the "information explosion" on health care are obvious - and whether some doctors are missing the latest medical news. Latest research confirms that some doctors respond too slowly -- if at all -- to new research developments.

Food for thought:
100 years ago there was significantly much less information available, and at the same time people managed to live much healthier, so happier.
Isn't it possible that information overload is dangerous for your health and wellness??



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