Eat raw eggs for health and wellness

Eggs are among the most nourishing foods around, particularly once consumed raw

Learn why raw eggs are so good for your health, and at the same time much safer than you could think

Eggs, though constituting to be one of the fullest sources of beneficial protein and fat, are also among the foods that many people are allergic to. However, raw eggs bear significantly lower allergic reactions. This follows because heating the egg actually changes its protein structural composition, so this deformation can easily contribute to the egg allergy. The regular headache about consuming raw eggs usually is a fearfulness of salmonella. But the chance of catching salmonella from raw eggs is in reality unbelievably low. Research by the U.S. Department of Agriculture evidenced that of the 69 billion eggs farmed annually, only 2.3 million are infected with salmonella. It means that only one in every 30,000 eggs is infected - you're more probable to die out in airplane collapse than catching salmonella from raw eggs. Nevertheless, here are some suggestions (mainly common sense) about how to buy the healthiest eggs achievable. First of all, recall that good for your health eggs arrive from healthy chickens, whilst unhealthy eggs - from unhealthy chickens. Whether you eat eggs raw or cooked, try to buy organically fed free-range, so omega-3 raised eggs. Do not forget that they're the conditions of commercialized hens growers that chickens are fed unclean diets and raised in small strangled cages where disease can widely spread. This arrives at the average supermarket eggs more probable to be contaminated with salmonella than eggs produced in healthy conditions.   Three measures to insure eggs are safe:  
If the egg doesn't deliver these features, throw it aside
It is significant to note that in the extremely rare event that you get salmonella poisoning, you might experience sickness and have loose faecal matter, but this contagion is easily handled by using top-quality probiotics that contain great deal of beneficial bacteria. At best take a tablespoon of probiotics every half an hour - until you start to feel better. Most people improve within a couple of hours. Additional concern is that raw egg whites incorporate a glycoprotein called avidin that is really efficient at blocking biotin (sometimes called vitamin H), one of the B group vitamins, leading to a possible biotin deficiency. The answer is to eat eggs in their complete form (both yolks and whites) as yolks hold high amounts of biotin to counteract avidin.  
  I came across this valuable information reading a wonderful book "Total Health" by Dr. Joseph Mercola. Presently I know I am consuming best possible proteins and fats - eating raw eggs (mainly yolks) and avocados. To health and wellness





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    I recently started raising my own chickens for eggs. today I tested the eggs by putting them in a pan of tap water and most of them emitted a small hardly noticeable stream of bubbles. If I had not done this, I would have eaten them. I'm sure I HAVE eaten many of them already, since the majority of the eggs I have in fridge did this. I'm seriously doubting that people who sell eggs test each and every one in water to see if bubbles emerge. I read somewhere that this is just natural bec. chicks have to have some airholes to breath thus eggs have tiny hole. Do you have anymore info. I really don't want to pitch out the majority of my eggs if not necessary.

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