Chocolate for health and wellness

You may think:

"What is connection between health, wellness

and so delicious chocolate"?

Chocolate is getting good deal of congratulations in the medical and nutritional world theseChocolate for health and wellness days. But in that respect nothing novel happens about this news.

South American Indians (Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs) were the first to introduce and use chocolate, starting 1500 BC.

Masses (including doctors) back then used chocolate to address fatigue, restore normal body weight, sedate aggravated nerves, and improve digestion. It was also treasured as an exceptionally powerful aphrodisiac.

Late studies on chocolate show that it is choke-full of valuable nutrients that benefit everything from heart to temper.

However, all these benefits apply only for premium dark chocolate, but not the extremely processed, mass produced, cheap, sugary junk you can find literally everywhere.

Numerous chocolate's benefits are attributable to the fact that it contains flavonoids, which are all-powerful antioxidants.

Dark chocolate is a leader among anti-oxidant foods

Chocolate is the most powerful known free radicals scavenger food. On average anti-oxidant activity of dark chocolate is 2 times bigger than that of milk chocolate  and 3-5 times higher that that of most fruits and vegetables

Most important benefits from dark chocolate consumption:

As you see, eating medium (not too much) amounts of quality dark chocolate can definitely contribute to your health and wellness.

To health and wellness


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