Some cancer natural cures basics

Scientists created a cancerous cell in the lab, simply deducting oxygen from a healthy cell. In such conditions it becomes cancerous within a few hours
To the contrary, supplying cancerous cells with more oxygen causes that cancerous cell to die within a few hours

Any individual cell cannot be cured of cancer - once cancerous, such a cell must be demolished.

Any body must be slightly alkaline for its cells to be decently oxygenated. Therefore it is essential to keep proper acid/alkaline balance in the body.

Technically acidity/alkalinity level is monitored by measuring the pH - hydrogen ion concentration, which is regulated by the level of body's oxygen saturation.

pH scale goes in between 0 to 14:

Without exception, people with cancer have a pH below 7
That means their tissues, their cells, are not being properly oxygenated
That's acidosis

People with a body pH over 7.4 do not have cancer because their cells and tissues are being properly oxygenated.

The body is constantly regulating the replacement of old cells while creating new cells to repair tissue damage.

"Cancerous" is the term applied to cells that reproduce in an unregulated manner until they form a tissue mass, or "tumor".

Conversely all present medical information, cancer is among the 'softest' of all degenerative diseases to understand and is readily reversible without dangerous drugs, irradiation or surgery.

The natural way to achieve the effort of destroying cancer cells is exposing them to oxygen. Increasing the amount of oxygen available to the cells is reached by raising the body pH - through diet and exercise.

It has been demonstrated that cancerous cells cannot survive in a pH of 8.0.

The most alkalinizing element is cesium. Daily intake of cesium, with potassium, will quickly increase body pH.

Once cancerous cells have been destroyed, maintaining body pH at 7.4-7.5 readily prevent cells from becoming cancerous.

There are no surgeries that can be performed nor drugs taken that will restore or maintain the body's acid/alkaline balance

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