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Allergic reactions and MS

For the past ten years there has been an increasing acceptance of the theory that allergenic reaction is a causative factor in multiple sclerosis. In the study of a series of patients the author traced many attacks directly to allergenic insults. When the offending substances were removed, a quiescent period often ensued...

The earlier the diagnosis and the beginning of treatment, the better the chance of arresting the disease and preventing serious crippling conditions. In cases of longer duration where the patient has become crippled or bedridden, physical therapy with relaxing medication is of great value.

abstract of an article "The allergic aspects of multiple sclerosis" by Hinton D. Jonez, Calif Med. 1953.

Above information was published in a medicinal journal over 60 years ago! Quite interestingly, it was time when man-made chemicals started appearing. Some strong forces (very big money) are trying to mask information of such kind in obscurity.

What really allergy is?

Allergies are immune system responses to particular foods and/or other offending substances, such as pesticides, heavy metals, fragrances, medications, etc. Immune system cells (antibodies) bind to and identify the foods/substances as invaders, and, with the help of other immune system cells, organize an attack against them. This process, in turn, leads to inflammation and whole array of symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy/watery eyes, skin rashes, dark circles under the eyes, etc.

Allergic reactions can be either immediate or delayed. IgE antibodies are involved in immediate allergic reactions, which can sometimes be life-threatening, while IgM and IgG antibodies are involved in the initial and longer-term reactions, responsible for delayed responses. Only one tenth of allergic responses are IgE - biggest part of allergic reaction can not be easily noticed!

Food sensitivities is a more general term. It may include food allergies as well as reactions that do not involve an immune response (food intolerances).

Many conditions may be triggered by allergies/sensitivities, including:

There is much of so-called anecdotal as well as scientific evidence suggesting that nutrition affects the onset and progression of MS. There is also plenty of scientific data to indicate this connection.

Probably the most thoroughly nutrition/diet influence on multiple sclerosis is examined in a website Direct-MS.

Apparently, all degenerative diseases are mainly triggered by delayed allergic reactions!




    I´ve been researching four months about MS natural healing. I best appreciated your personal advices and experience as a physician and MS pacient. However, here in Brazil is quite difficulty clinics and doctors familiar wich such medicine and with Catherine Kousmine treatment for cancer and multiple sclerosis. Let me know what you think about her method, diets, enemas... and what could I do here. Certainly, in Europe, USA or others countries is easier get information and best treatment not involving the pharmaceutical industries lies. Sorry for my english and best wishes!

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