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Multiple Sclerosis, some considerations concerning MS

Here Gerald Hendess from Germany, among others, depicts multiple sclerosis 'advantages' of all sorts for different groups.

MS has many advantages in comparison to other diseases

For those patients affected by MS:

For doctors and therapists:

For the pharmaceutical industry:


As one can see, MS has many positive aspects, although there is a certain amount of discomfort for those directly concerned


Who wonders why, in a situation such as this, no solutions have been found to cure this illness. Research seems to be done mainly on a microbiological level concerning the primary inflammation. Perhaps, on this level, there is the possibility of finding something similarly lucrative to the interferons that are momentarily in use. This seems to be a rather complicated way of trying to find the cause of MS. The rather meager results that have been attained, confirm this impression.

Other attempts to find solutions for MS hardly find any interest. There are for example diverse epidemiological studies concerning MS, that open many other points of view. The Canadian geologist Dr. Ashton F. Embry (his son has MS) collected these studies and tried to come to conclusions of how to treat MS with nutrition ( His aim was to identify the cause of MS and thus to improve or even cure the disease. His results should be followed up more consequently.

It is difficult to avoid the impression that only MS-patients have a real interest in curing their disease. How can it otherwise be possible, that such simple thoughts have not been followed up by professional research projects?

Reality check: there are some very powerful forces around (subjective as well as objective) that will never make Multiple Sclerosis treatable.At the same time there are other - user-friendly, natural, nasty and dangerous side effects-free ways to deal with symptoms of MS and other autoimmune diseases

By the way, I managed to cure MS, reverse my MS symptoms and stay on a permanent Multiple Sclerosis remission from 1997, using no dangerous pharmaceutical drugs



  1. 1 esra akkaş

    hi, i'm from Turkey.I have MS disease for one year and i'm nineteen.I use beta interferon (drug,injection) every other day.This drug didn't make me better, never.It also make me worse.I felt this since i've been using it. I told my doctors "i don't want to use this drug" But they didn't take it serious, also laughed at me. I'm happy to find your website.thank you, i hope that you'll never get ill again.
    Can i take your some advice? What should i drink and eat or what shouldn't i? and etc.

  2. 2 Rosanne Romero

    Hi, my name is Rosanne. I'm Filipino. Have had secondary progressive MS since 1986. Went through solu medrol for many years and then tried beta interferon, then tried cheo, then back to solu medrol again..and then was asked by my neuro to consider mitoxantrone. I am 52 years old anf feel my body can no longer take any more medicine. So in 2007,, i stopped taking anything. Then in 2008, started taking natural supplements...(cryptomonadales --- ever heard of that?). So glad I stumbled on your site...really, just by accident. I googled on alternative treatments for MS and stumbled on this page. Just wondering --- do you ever werite people back? Would be good if you did. That spplement Purezyme...its not available in any of the health stores in Manila.

  3. 3 Zahra

    My wife has M.S. for 11 years.She is taking beta interferone.Solumedrol has no effect although at the beginning it was the moment I see no benefit from interferone but I have no other soultion.therefore since I have no options I am injecting it anyway.

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