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. • In the study of 43 MS patients suffering a stepwise progressive deterioration, 35 exhibited appreciable improvement and, in some cases, the abolition of paralysis... Dr. Neuhofer and her colleagues have treated over 350 MS patients with enzyme therapy... Prof. Max Wolf noticed frequently occurring remissions following enzyme therapy in Multiple Sclerosis patients... More information and references – in article MS cure with systemic enzymes.

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Any autoimmune disease, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS), is marked by an increased amount of antibodies, that attack the host.

To remove these aggressive auto-antibodies from the blood, a surgical procedure, called plasmapheresis or plasma separation has been routinely used. Regretfully, it's characterized by rather marked limitations and side effects. Fortunately, there exists a far more efficient natural plasmapheresis alternative, based on systemic enzymes.

Side-by-side analysis of both above therapies is presented in article Plasmapheresis - surgery or enzymes?


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What is MS and how can systemic enzymes cure it?

Did you know? Single essential MS problem predominates:

There is no Multiple Sclerosis definition !

OK, that's not completely true. To see the confusion, just go to Google and type "multiple sclerosis definition". You'll see tens of different MS definitions, all from prestigious medical, scientific or governmental organizations. Unfortunately, all of them are mainly describing symptoms... What's a bottom line? Doctors say: Multiple Sclerosis is incurable ! Don't you think - doctors are lost. They simply do not know what to treat. And how !?! Nonetheless, looking long and hard at ALL presented definitions, it's possible to segregate several prevailing substantial MS features. And look - majority of progressive researchers agree, that MS is mainly:


And here is some really good news !

Systemic enzymes (mainly proteases) have been investigated and understood far more thoroughly and objectively. Now and again numerous research proves that they: Just imagine how systemic enzymes are going to help you : Power of enzymes (including systemic enzymes) has been thoroughly researched and presented in an ever-growing number of reputable sources. Here are few books: --- Later I'll tell you which systemic enzymes supplement I consider best - and what's lurking beyond MS    

MS story - magic of systemic enzymes

I'll never forget it ! I was taken from the hospital experiencing severe overall health impairment after medication with monster doses (doctors call mega doses) of so-called MS drug prednisone (it was intravenous 1000 mg solution of methyl-prednisone "Solu-Medrol"). I started concluding then that it was not reasonable to expect to improve health through such tremendous aggravation. That way I suddenly realized that something deeply wrong happens with the official medical approach. So I left a hospital and stopped using all MS drugs for good. You see, I wanted to take my toddlers to a lake. And I wanted to walk in a forest... Just at that time I was in a desperate need for some cure to help me to escape that seemingly bottomless pit. MS attacks and medication side effects were stripping me of all my life forces: I could pronounce several words a minute, my ability to walk suddenly declined to 200 meters, my whole body started shaking heavily, my vision worsened, I almost couldn't go downstairs... As one MS-er described her situation : “I arrived at hospital using my walking stick, a stretcher was necessary to deliver me home after medication”. Just then I knew nothing. But I was lucky. Incredibly lucky. Just after I returned from a hospital, somebody came to visit me and said: “There is a natural supplement for your problem at a pharmacy”.

This wonderful supplement is Systemic Enzymes

I really had nothing to lose, so I started using it at once. It was a splendid starting point in overcoming Multiple Sclerosis. After using the supplement for over a year my MS attacks completely vanished. Look – I haven’t used any synthetic medications from 1997 and I haven’t had MS attacks since.

Here's my sincere advice to every MS-er:
Don't be selfish - think about those around you too ! Make your MS leave you - forever ! Never forget - there aren't incurable illnesses - only incurable folks !
Even so, I couldn't regain my health completely. You see - multiple sclerosis literally means many scars. Sclerosis (scar) generally means hardening of body tissue. It can be almost unobtrusive, or annoying. Nevertheless, if such a hardening happens in a brain, it usually turns to be fatal. Sad part of multiple sclerosis is that it actually can not even be diagnosed properly, until symptoms stay persistent - or intensify. That's the nature of all degenerative disorders - or, to be precise - official medicine. Again, that simply means that the longer one is procrastinating, the more complicated it becomes to restore health - even using best possible therapy... I know - I saw. I started a cure for MS fairly early - roughly 6 months after diagnosis, and I was persistent - so I managed to retrieve most of lost functions.

Did you know - life after MS is so wonderful !

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My MS was diagnosed in April 1996. Initially my MS was aggressive - I've experienced 2 severe exacerbations in 4 months! It has been thoroughly documented. All 3 MRI scans (1996, 2002, 2007) registered innumerable lesions over my brain. Nonetheless, only 1996 scan showed immense inflammation. But why is it gone? That's something completely unusual for MS. Indeed, last 2 MRI scan results confirm: Doctors in similar circumstances say - MS is in remission. You know - I really like to have my MS in remission. But by no means was it a spontaneous remission. You already know, what systemic enzymes supplements can do in the body. Likewise, just now you are reading about results of MS cure with systemic enzymes. Human body possesses an immense hereditary ability to recover. However, simply putting, for the body to be able to perform this magical process, all destructive processes must be eliminated. I have been doing just that, constantly using supporting doses of systemic enzymes from 1998. I appreciate that as a first-class health insurance. Not only Multiple Sclerosis will have no entrance into my body. Besides, same will happen to any autoimmune disease, cancer, stroke... I know - I read a lot too. Apart of stopping my MS, I'm also experiencing steady improvement in my whole body. By the way - my wife started using small doses of same supplement around a year ago. She doesn't experience any significant health problems, but what had noticed is improved night sleep and decreased fatigue. I noticed something too - her eyes became brighter. Just think about that:
One sunny weekend morning last year I got crazy. I sat on my son's bike on an empty sealed square. It was a real challenge for me. And I succeeded ! I not only managed to bike several circles on that square - I returned home biking along empty streets. Oh no - it wasn't easy, it wasn't nice, either. Seeing my not-so-straight biking, my son was laughing loudly. But my wife's eyes, seeing me biking, got wet. And she explained: " used to use a stick to walk... I remember as if it was happening last week"...
Obviously, systemic enzymes therapy - the only natural therapy (along with some herbal preparations) I ever applied after diagnosis - has been keeping my MS at bay from 1997. I haven't experienced any attacks or new MS-related problems since. At that time (1998 - 2002) I communicated the information concerning power of systemic enzymes to hundreds of MS-ers. Not everyone of them wanted to try this magic remedy. But some, seeing my miraculous health improvement, decided to try. Later some 50 MS sufferers reported some degree of relief. And yes, that happened almost 10 years ago in another country. Can you imagine what it would be like to eliminate, or at least reduce some MS symptoms - naturally ! More - in article My MS story. OK, that's my MS story. Look - just now I'm strongly assuring you -

Multiple Sclerosis CAN BE cured naturally !

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Just do it. It could be your best investment of ALL times

. Performed investigations and some anecdotal notices confirm that: Researchers are routinely discovering serious health problems, that can be cured or improved with the help of systemic enzymes --- At the bottom of this article you'll find my small gift (a fabulous book). Included information should change your attitude towards sickness -- and health...    

Which systemic enzyme supplements are best?

You may have never heard about enzymes or their tremendous influence on health. That's OK. The good thing is - you don't need to know a lot about enzymes to be able to benefit from their usage. Listen - the key importance of systemic enzymes can be explained in a short sentence:
The moment your body ceases to produce enzymes, you are dead
Sad truth is - not all enzyme supplements are created alike. Common sense suggests, that to be an expert in any area requires lots of persistence and education. Starting my hunt for quality systemic enzymes I had no idea, what that meant. By the way, there are lots of systemic enzyme supplements around. After a prolonged search I came across a company Transformation Enzymes. They produce top quality supplements that: Don't you think just these supplements are of exceptional quality? However, there exists a vast problem - the producer distributes supplements among medical doctors only. Luckily, I traced their sister company, that distributes top quality enzyme supplements online !

Information of their powerful proteolytic enzyme supplement - benefits, dosages, price, discounts etc. - here:

Systemic Enzymes

Don't be surprised - the producer doesn't advertise the product as systemic enzymes - just high doses of pure proteolytic enzymes that: "support the immune system and liver by assisting with the removal of toxins from the blood". It's all you need ! Warning: Don't even try using systemic enzymes until you are ready to use them long-term !
Systemic enzymes are shown to do a perfect job of suppressing MS naturally. But don't forget: Important usage information: Remember ! Only you can decide, whether it is worthwhile: --- Later I am going to explain, why systemic enzymes are far superior to MS drugs    

If you really want to overcome MS for good ...

Powerful and safe systemic enzymes supplementation alone usually is enough to stop Multiple Sclerosis in it's tracks. Nonetheless, while enzymes are rather new to modern science, herbal supplementation has been successfully applied for all sorts of health troubles, including inflammation as well as immune system problems. There exist wonderful herbal remedies that can help to cure Multiple Sclerosis symptoms:

Herbal supplements for MS

But that's not a finish of the cure-for-MS story. Frankly, I don't think it will ever completely finish. Don't you think it would be beneficial to be aware of these problems: I've collected some helpful, not so easy to found information in article: Overcoming MS

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Here's my small gift to YOU !

I was lucky enough to come across a fabulous book “Toxemia Explained” by J.H. Tilden, M.D., printed in 1926. It contains key information about health and sickness, what processes in a body lead to diseases and how to get rid of them... It's a kind of top-grade introduction to self-healing. Not a single word about Multiple Sclerosis. But still it remains very relevant - and helpful ! I was so impressed - I even included some ideas from this book as My Health Manifesto.

To read or download (free) this book click here

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PS Just now I'd like to thank you - all of you. Let me explain: after systemic enzymes therapy helped me to overcome my Multiple Sclerosis in a miraculous way, I decided to let those in need to know about this fabulous cure. And what it did for me. But I still had problems: However, namely my ever-lasting quest for ways to help MS-ers to deal with this dangerous malady helped me to overcome all the obstacles. Thank you - and good luck PS1 Information, presented at the very beginning of this article, isn't easy to find at all. It's extremely scarce on Internet. I found it rather accidentally, or more precisely - magically, reading a wonderful book Enzymes and Enzyme Therapy by Dr. Anthony J. Cichoke, Keats Publishing, 2nd edition, 2000. It contains a chapter "The Scars of Multiple Sclerosis". Just there I finally (in 2009) hunted out some scientific explanation for what I have done to my MS in 1997 PS2 Never, and I mean never forget - un-cured Multiple Sclerosis is of degenerative nature, hence because of your procrastination, MS is damaging your brain -- harming you in lots of different ways PS3 After the age of 30, natural production of enzymes in the body drops off almost completely, so healing autoimmune diseases (MS is one of them) without proper supplementation becomes complicated or even impossible At that time (1998 - 2002) I communicated the information concerning power of systemic enzymes to hundreds of MS-ers. Not everyone of them wanted to try this magic remedy. But some, seeing my miraculous health improvement, decided to try. Later some 50 MS sufferers reported some degree of relief. And yes, that happened almost 10 years ago in another country