Pollution, DNA changes and MS

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The other day, searching for health-related news, I came across such an article:

Pollution Can Change Your DNA in 3 Days, Study Suggests

As source was quite reliable - National Geographic News and I am interested in the subject (multiple sclerosis is autoimmune disorder), I started reading the article carefully:

What I am missing is consistency. Some aspects are well documented:

xenobioticTo my knowledge, the immune system is a full time body guard, recognizing and distinguishing between self and non-self. Next step is to destroy non-self. But what changed DNA really is - self or non-self?

It seems to me, immune system in such situations must be 'confused' - sometimes gets suppressed, sometimes overactive... And as degree of DNA change most probably depends on pollutant (pollutants cocktail), dose and exposure, result is rather unpredictable.

So number of autoimmune disorders (different ways of overactive immune system acting) is already approaching 100. And definitely multiple sclerosis (MS) is among many others.



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