Pesticides influence on health

Sad to say, but all man-made chemical pesticides by default are poisons.

Used correctly, pesticides KILL

You may ask: 'How poisonous they are?'

Let's take a look at one example:



chemical class: organophosphate
principal use: insecticide; banned from use on golf courses and turf farms in USA



detected in groundwater, and in surface water
listed on the EPA's Toxics Release Inventory

long-term effects on mammals: suspect mutagen; fetotoxin; suspect neurotoxin; allergic dermatitis; conjunctivitis; immunotoxin

effects on non-target species:

immediate toxicity: very high for birds, fish, amphibians, crustaceans, bees, aquatic insects;
toxic to some plants

long-term toxicity: birds - teratogen

transformation products: sulfoTEPP; TEPP

common trade names: Bug-B-Gon; Spectracide; AG 500; Alfa-Tox; Basudin; Dazzel; Diazajet; Diazatol; Diazide; Diazinon; Diazitol; Diazol; dimpylate; Dipofene; G 24480; GardenTox; Knox Out 2FM; Neocidol; Nipsan; Sarolex


Searching for pesdticides influence on health, I came across database with 700 listed pesticides and their induced health damages. Full pesticides database can be found in Basic Guide to Pesticides: Their Characteristics and Hazards.

Real problem:

  • any single by default is pesticide poisonous and poisons it unique way
  • what happens when several pesticides act at the same time (usual situation)?

Such type of research never performed, but common sense suggests it becomes extremely dangerous. So - best and simplest solution -

Avoid pesticides !

If interested in minimizing pesticides exposure you can read educational article "How to avoid pesticides"

To health and wellness


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