Orthodox MS symptoms treatment

Orthodox medicine presently is using two drugs groups to possibly reduce MS symptoms:

Orthodox medicine, driven by very powerful multi-billion pharmaceutical industry, proposes some medicines for some multiple sclerosis symptoms treatment. Today's reality - every drug available in medicine today carries a risk of side effects, including over the counter remedies.

No corticosteroid treatment is currently approved, however, those disease modifying therapies that reduce progression of Primary Progressive and Progressive/Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis MS may be beneficial.

Currently used multiple sclerosis drugs are immunomodulatory. This means the approved drugs used specifically in the treatment of multiple sclerosis have a direct effect on immune system and therefore their use carries the risk of compromising the body' s ability to fight infection and may also interfere with the body' s tumor surveillance mechanisms...

The main problem is - the mechanisms by which the drugs exert their influence on the course of multiple sclerosis exacerbations is unknown. By definition this makes them experimental.

There are lots of information about all approved for MS treatment drugs. However, possible (and existing) side effects (sometimes very dangerous) are not so well documented.


Corticosteroids are prescribed for literally hundreds of conditions, including multiple sclerosis.

Short-term treatment (3-5 days) with corticosteroids (like prednisone, methylprednisolone, dexamethasone, others) can aid during periods of acute relapse.

Corticosteroids work by possibly decreasing the intensity of the body's defense system's reaction to the myelin in the central nervous system.

Many of the side–effects of steroids are predictable. Not all side–effects occur in all patients. All are related to:

Prednisone is a replacement for a naturally in a body synthetised steroid Hydrocortisone, which was replaced with Prednisone because of the only reason - it can not be patented! So presently instead of natural steroid hormone is used synthetic one, containing lots of danfgerous adverse effects. More about many healing aspects of Hydrocortisone and other natural hormones - in an article 'Hormones and Chronic Disease', where David Brownstein, MD, states: "I have yet to see a patient with rheumatoid arthritis or scleroderma (or other autoimmune disorders) who has normal hormone levels".


Some reported side effects:

By the way, very interesting and truthful explanation how steroids are worsening the situation came from web site "Electroherbalism" chapter "Autoimmune Disorders":


The normal prescription for inflammatory disorders are strong antiinflammatories like steroids. These can certainly decrease symptoms but since they are covering up the problem and doing nothing to treat it, make it worse in the long run. A more ridiculous prescription for treating a pathogen-induced illness is a drug which decreases immune function. Since there are less immune cells to "call to arms" there is less inflammation. I can think of no better way to allow a pathogen to overrun and destroy tissue more quickly.

I initially was treated with mega dozes of injectable methyl-prednisone (Solu Medrol) and my situation after such a treatment worsened significantly.

MS immunomodulatory drugs


Interferon beta-1a, recombinant DNA produced synthetic of naturally occurring proteins.


Some reported side effects:


Betaseron (Betaferon)

Interferon beta-1b is a recombinant DNA produced synthetic of naturally occurring proteins. It is manufactured by bacterial fermentation.


Some reported side effects:



Glatiramer acetate (formerly copolymer-1)


Some reported side effects:



Interferon beta-1a - recombinant DNA produced synthetic of naturally occurring proteins.


Some reported side effects:


We know that all drugs used to treat multiple sclerosis


  1. are mainly experimental
  2. induce dangerous side effects
  3. are associated with dangerous uknowns

That means that every multiple sclerosis sufferer before treatment must balance carefully MS symptoms reduction against the potential for adverse side effects.


Final notes:



  1. 1 Eltifat

    Dear sir,
    Thank u 4 tese informations , i'm 1 of ms patients, i want to ask which 1 of the above drugs is more benifits to ms , & is there any new researchs on new ms drugs .
    Thank u again.

  2. 2 Brian

    What a crock of sh!t !! I have ms, SPMS and nothing I have tried over the years has done anything, and believe me I have tried everything. I am too tired to list what I have done over the years. I am now basically bed ridden, extremly stiff, no balance and in incredible amounts of pain. If what you said really helps heal ms I would be healed of ms. It is a total crock and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. 3 Nick Kourasis

    I was diagnosed with MS August of 1995. Did not follow up on medication 'till maybe mid of 2001. From that time I have been on and of medication because either I had to change it to something more tolerable, or I was out of work (and insurance coverage). Last time was close to a year off Copaxone and had a new health insurance that approved a new MRI for me. My doctor could not believe that the brain liaisons were gone from the last MRI while on Copaxone. an exam at my eye-doctor also indentified right eye had .025 decreased astigmatism reading from the previous reading. I am now reluctantly taking Avonex. Feel much-much better than when I was on Copaxone though, but I really want to get a "natural" remedy. I do take a list of vitamins and minerals daily, my diet is not always spot-on, but I try. Enzymes was my next thing to try for mom (for lung condition) but I found her not in a position to experiment, so I will start it on me first... You will be hearing from me soon!

  4. 4 Colleen Simmons

    I was diagnosed in 2001 .. have taken 2 different therapies, Avonex when I was first diagnosed and spent about 18 months "getting use to" the side effects before I just couldn't take being sick for 6 out of 7 days and taking the shot again the night of the 7th day.. and Copaxone that was some real crap for my body .. started taking it in October and then by December (when I quit using it) I was having such bad joint and muscle pain I had to go to the doctor just to get pain meds and muscle relaxers .. BTW it's still very bad still taking all the pills that I started taking in December and taking more of them some days... have gone back to just taking my medicine cabinet full of vitamins that seem to work at keeping my MS monster at bay ... may taste like crap and have to drink about a gallon of water to get them down but it works better and BIGGEST PLUS I don't have to use a NEEDLE for them

  5. 5 barb

    my doctor told me to never take anything to boost my ammune system because that is what attacks the nerves. any reply?

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  7. 7 aurangzeb khan

    it is 100% possible to cure ms within three months with herbs and natural therapy. we have treated many patients it is simple. it has been complicated by so called medical sciences to earn money. there is no incurable illness but latest medical methods are unnatural and can not cure any illness these are to supress the symptoms instead of addressing the root cause. if anyone wants to know more about it please contact me parwana60@yahoo.com

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