MS - predominantly dental disease?

One characteristic of MS seems to be ignored completely. MS only seems to have existed for less than the past 200 years...


Shortly after 1800, for example, people in Europe first had their teeth filled with amalgam (, first in England and then in France. This rather exact chronological correspondence with the beginning of the MS disease could be a pure coincidence. However there are further indications that lead to amalgam.


Observations have been made that MS occurs more often in industrialized countries than in third-world countries. Until now there is no commonly accepted explanation. Amalgam could fill this explanation gap quite easily...

MS worldwide distribution


Many scientific, political and commercial issues on amalgam fillings and MS are presented in an article Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Since its discovery around the mid-1830s, there has been endless speculation about the cause of Multiple Sclerosis. Now we’ve come to realize that the first reported appearance of the disease occurred only a few years after the original insertions of dental mercury as amalgam fillings in 1826. During our interview, Cardiologist Thomas Levy told me that Dr. Hal Huggins has researched this medical history and acted on it. "Dr. Huggins has consistently witnessed improvement in MS patients undergoing amalgam removal. He observes clear symptomatic and laboratory test improvements in up to 85 percent of the patients. Until he relinquished his Colorado dental license, it was common to see wheelchair-bound patients discontinue use of their support chairs and take steps on their own once again," said Dr. Levy. Multiple sclerosis recovery has happened repeatedly for patients so afflicted because they have undergone dental amalgam removal. Clinical observation confirms that multiple sclerosis is predominantly a dental disease. It is brought on by dentists packing mercury and other amalgamated metals into the cavities of people with impaired teeth. Mercury amalgams have made people what holistic and mercury-free dentist Richard T. Hansen, D.M.D., of Fullerton, California, has described as "dental cripples"... The success rate of healing for MS patients increased with Dr. Huggins’ discovery of fluoride in all its forms as a complicating factor in the disease. Fluoride must be scrupulously avoided by MS patients. They must not drink fluoridated water, brush with fluoridated toothpaste, or take fluoride dental treatments. Ingestion of this chemical retards the patient’s clinical progress toward healing or even promotes frank clinical relapse of MS symptoms...

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From the biological standpoint mercury can attack myelin tissues and generate an autoimmune response. Mercury can also alter the 3-dimensional form of proteins that can lead to the inhibition of catalytic activity that may be necessary in nerve impulse transmission... Mercury damages the protective abilities of the blood-brain barrier that select what can and cannot cross into the brain, thus indirectly allowing other harmful substances to enter nervous tissue...

Nice and thorough explanation of Mercury - Multiple Sclerosis connection is provided in an article "Are Silver Fillings Harmful?"




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