MS cure - systemic enzymes


Initial attempts to apply systemic enzymes therapy to modulate
Multiple Sclerosis symptoms were performed almost 50 years ago

Nearly all performed experiments were positive and no severe side effects ever occurred

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More about systemic enzymes that are keeping me MS attacks-free - here

Nonetheless, information regarding this fabulous invention has been extremely scarce. Why is it can be so?

No doubt, humanity entered the era of information revolution. That simply means that literally any news fly worldwide in light speed.

Hence it is reasonably safe to assume that there exist some tremendously powerful forces, forcing the good news regarding natural cure for MS to be blocked. At the same time lots of news have been lively promoted. Even about multiple sclerosis vaccine (like if MS - viral disease) or any other MS drug...

Obviously, the news concerning possibility to cure MS with wonderful natural supplements - systemic enzymes - would be among the most wonderful ones for hundreds of thousands of MS sufferers..

Ok, let's take a look at available information:


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Why is systemic enzyme therapy extraordinary?

Looking back, my experience with multiple sclerosis has been rather quaint.

Substandard, I should say:

It took me over a year to stop my MS

It took me over ten years to puzzle out, why I did it

No doubt, the only supplement I have been using to manage my MS is systemic enzymes. It worked miracles - firstly stopping MS exacerbations and secondly - reducing symptoms (even eliminating some).

But I still had no answers to all the WHATs, WHENs and HOWs !

Situation started to develop 10 years later.


ALL worst symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be managed, cured and even completely removed by powerful systemic enzymes




PS Presented information isn't easy to find at all. It's extremely scarce on Internet. I found it rather accidentally, or more precisely - magically, reading a wonderful book Enzymes and Enzyme Therapy by Dr. Anthony J. Cichoke, Keats Publishing, 2nd edition, 2000. It contains a chapter "The Scars of Multiple Sclerosis". Just there I finally (in 2009) hunted out some sound scientific explanation for what I have done to my MS in 1997...