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Disease never comes without a cause
The way is prepared, and disease invited, by disregard of the laws of health




  1. 1 Valerie

    Can you please give me more information on your supplement intake. Was it more than suggested on the bottle, since it is more of a severe case. Can you give me more info on what you did, please,
    Thank You

  2. 2 Sophie A.

    I have been struggling with weight issues all my life. I have found this information very helpful. Thank you!

  3. 3 Rick

    You wrote:

    Interestingly, people with Multiple Sclerosis have been found to have a wide variety of nutritional deficits.

    Can you provide more information about nutritional deficits common in people with MS. Are their medical tests to determine whether one has these nutritional deficits?

  4. 4 Merlyn 52

    I'm now up to nine capsules of pancreatin a day. Still same great results, less spasticity and therefore less pain from muscle contractions. Also have added one capsule of serrapeptase and one of Nattokinase. Actually, I've taken one bottle of the Nattokinase, did not notice anything with it, but I hope I am not imagining it, but this serrapeptase seemed to make me feel better right away, but it is too soon to be definite. Will let you know!

  5. 5 Karen

    Sounds great! I've had MS for 17 years with absolutely 'no drugs' and 4 years ago I started to feel a little bit of some MS symptoms. I came across an article on Systemic Enzymes 2 months ago and descided to give this 'all natural' product a try. It's 'WONDERFUL', the autoimmunity still resides in my body and I read it takes some time before MS is removed. I was just wondering if the Myelin Protein Basic capsules can be administered with the enzymes for extra benefits in less time. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, Karen

  6. 6 omar

    Please people, find out more info regarding diet. MSM, Curcumin, Alkaline water. Lots of raw fruits and veggies. Invest in a juicer not prescriptions.

  7. 7 Ron

    If anyone is really concerned with treating MS, they wouldn't charge for it. I've seen all of the sites out there. To trully care about the cure and helping others, it should not be charged for. God will deal with those whom know how to treat and dont.

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