Chemicals - MS triggers

The predominant theory today is that Multiple Sclerosis results from attacks by an individual's immune system on the nervous system and it is therefore usually categorized as an autoimmune disease. There is a minority view that MS is not an autoimmune disease, but rather a metabolically dependent neurodegenerative disease. Although much is known about how MS causes damage, its exact cause remains unknown -

Out of 700 listed in a database pesticides biggest part act as immunotoxins -

Immunotoxins trigger autoimmune diseases

An immunotoxin is a chemical that can cause immune system malfunction with exposure. When the immune system function is suppressed (immunosuppression) there is an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases and cancers. Polychlorinated-biphenyls (PCB), asbestos and herbicide DDT are known immunosuppressants. Immunotoxins can also cause autoimmune disease, where an overactive immune system attacks the bodies cells -

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Chemicals - neurotoxins

A neurotoxin is a toxin that acts specifically on nerve cells – neurons – usually by interacting with membrane proteins and ion channels. Many of the venoms and other toxins that organisms use in defense against vertebrates are neurotoxins...

Toxins ingested from the environment are described as exogenous and include gases (such as carbon monoxide), metals (such as mercury), liquids (ethanol) and an endless list of solids. When exogenous toxins are ingested, the effect on neurons is largely dependent on dosage -

Out of 700 pesticides, almost all are neurotoxins!..


We easily came to a point where we see that multiple sclerosis can be completely triggered by toxic chemicals!




  1. 1 trineta hawkins

    Everything in here is what i have been thinking . i was told i have this in 98 . I will do anything to get my body back right i am only 32 . Can u help me ?

  2. 2 here

    I like your concept of adding an herbal colon cleanser to a healthy diet. I think that is essential to ensuring that the colon cleanser will work effectively and a healthy lifestyle will be preserved.

  3. 3 Lois Scarberry

    I'm the wife of a retired Marine, who diagnosed with MS in 2008.
    Since 1997 the claimed he was have clerical strokes, with bleeding on the brain. During his service in the corp he would get headaches, that caused vomiting, dizziness, and was unable to stand up. He worked on A-4s and F18 Jets. He would use a chemical called tricholoroflorethane with his hands and did not use gloves, he was also exposed to Jet Fuel, and Methelethelkeytone, he was also stationed at Alameda California, El Toro, California, ( which they closed the base there and had a ground clean up) and Cecil field also with chemical dumping.

    I would like to know if any of these chemicles could have anything to do with
    MS, we are trying to go though the VA who claim he has no claim, because no proof that the job he did caused him to have MS. Thank you lois

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