Avocado for health and wellness

I found out these wonderful words on a website of WebMD:

I eat three avocados a day - says George Bliss, age 81, has been eating avocados morning, noon, and night...After eight decades of daily avocado consumption, he's still going strong; at 6 feet tall, he weighs a trim 180 pounds.

Avocado for health and wellness | antioxidant

In addition to great taste, avocados is great health.

But why avocados are so good for health and wellness?

Avocados contain over 12 minerals. These minerals stimulate growth and keep other body functions in check. If you are tired all the time and struggle to deal with stressful situations, you may be suffering from nutritional anaemia, in which case the excellent copper and iron content in one of these little green wonders will aid red blood cell regeneration and help prevent the anaemia.

Recent research (University of Ohio) shows that avocados significantly increase the absorption of phytochemicals contained in other fruits and vegetables.

They contain oleic acid which is great for your heart and can help lower cholesterol levels. They are rich in Vitamin E - vital for healthy skin and offer an excellent source of protein. The high magnesium content helps fight against osteoporosis.

Avocados have more potassium than a banana, but even though an avocado is technically a fruit, it contains only 2% sugar so much better for you if you are trying to reduce your sugar intake to control candida.





  1. 1 zohaib

    thank you very much for this post. My mother has arthritis and she ask me look over online about Avocado benefits for arthritis and when I read this whole article I shout and tell my mom that from today you will eat avocado every day. no matter what happen. ok.

    thank you to author to explain every thing clearly.

  2. 2 Sean C.

    I have nothing to share but this is a brilliant post, thank you.


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